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Botox 100 units by Allergan

Allergan Botox 100IU is a botulinum type A product. Allergan is a leading pharmaceutical company that supplies high-quality dermal fillers products to over 100 countries. Their production was tested many times by a lot of scientists and now the product demonstrates amazing results. Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures made more than 6 million times each year. People desiring to eliminate facial imperfections admitted this procedure as one of the most effective methods in fighting with aging processes.

What is Botox made from? The main constituent of the drug is Clostridium botulinum – a bacteria found in tissues of some mammals and some species of fish. As well as the bacteria could be derived from particular natural places like forests or lakes. The action of bacteria on human body is paralyzing, still it is used in medicine (under the circumstances of proper medical application).

How Does Botox Work

After a Botox injection the medicine block nerve signals. It makes human muscles relax, therefore you can’t strain the injecte area. In this way unattractive folds and wrinkles are smoothed out. How long does Botox last? One of the Botox benefits is the effect duration. The result may appear visible from 3 to 6 month. After that, the patient may repeat the procedure or not. As a rule, with every next procedure the number of wrinkles reduces. This is because muscles are used to be continuously relaxed and even if the effect of injection ends, they remain evervated.

Botulinum Toxin Substance Appearance in the Vial of Botox

Please be aware that the Regular Botox vial may seems to be empty before reconstitution. However, it contains small amount of crystals composed of nearly transparent microscopic proteins of botulinum toxin. When viewed under light, you may observe fine, delicate crystals. These crystals become visible after mixing with sterile saline for further Botox injections.

Botox Indications

Botox is a prescription medicine that doctor inject into the patient skin or muscles. Medical workers also use it to treat neck pain with cervical dystonia and some symptoms of underarm sweating. Also it eliminates overactive bladder symptoms, prevent headaches with a chronic migraine, spasm of eyelids, and some problems with eye muscles.

Sometimes doctors use it to improve the look of moderate and severe frown lines between the eyebrows.


Only 18 years and older patients can get Botox injections.

Contraindications and Side Effects

You can`t use BOTOX 100IU in case of allergic reaction to any Botulinum Type A product or if you have skin infection.

Patients may have some side effects after Botox injections. It may appear after a few hours or even weeks. If you have observed such reaction after the procedure, inform the doctor about it immediately.

There may be such Botox side effects:

  • Vision problems;
  • General muscle weakness;
  • Sometimes dizziness.

Before using Botox, please, check the expiration date on the vial. This product may be stored in a refrigerator from 2 to 8°C no longer than 36 months.

Please note that the Botox vial may appear to be empty prior to reconstitution because it contains a small amount of vacuum-dried Botox powder that looks like clear crystals.

The potency Units of Botox are specific to the preparation and assay method utilized. They are not interchangeable with other preparations of Botulinum Toxin products. Therefore, units of biological activity of Botox can not be compared into units of any other Botulinum Toxin products assessed with any other specific assay method.

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